Firstly, thanks for stopping by and being interested enough to click on the About Me button!

I discovered the wonderful world of design blogging just the week before I decided to dive head first into it myself. I was so inspired and blown away by the ease, casual vibe and community of the whole business and more than anything, so excited to finally find a home for my millions of desktop bookmarks!

It’s been a fast last decade moving between ski instructing, travel, an interior design diploma, furniture sales, self employment, fashion retail and currently sales and marketing for a ski area (gasp!) with plenty of risk taking and the appropriate mistakes made! Studio Home has grown, developed and nearly been deleted over the last 4 years, but a forum with readers and a re-design saved it, allowing it to become the best creative buddy I could ask for.

I hope I can bring you some refreshing new finds and a peep into all the untapped talent that lurks at the bottom of the world!

Wanaka, New Zealand