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Here’s Why Dark UX Patterns Look Interesting on Casino Sites

During the pandemic, people were home-bound. How were they going to feed their gambling appetite during the lockdown? They shifted their focus to online casinos to try their hand at winning big. There are thousands of games available online. In fact, the pandemic saw immense growth in the traffic of online casino players. Now, they were not bored anymore, thanks to the online emergence of the casino.

It is easy to get hooked to online casinos. There are many tricks that the gambling industry uses to make the players stay back a little while longer, keeping them expecting one last win.

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The dark patterns engage the players in an enthralling manner. The money visions and the life-changing amounts in sight make the players feel that this could be their lucky day.

Sounds and lights

When a player is immersed in the online casino, the sound and lights of the website might make it difficult for the players to look away. This is done to hold the players’ attention for a longer time and prevent them from leaving. Also, the feel-good sounds of the casino trigger the excitement of Vegas and give the players a dopamine rush.

You would notice that most of the patterns used are dark patterns to create the experience fun for the participants. There is a need for UX designers, specifically for this industry. They are adept at understanding the method of making the game enriching and interactive.

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Near miss effect

When playing the casino game, the players almost always experience the near-win experience. They feel that if they played one more time, they had been close to winning the money. Also, the dark pattern makes the play easy on the eye and facilitates the player to keep playing without getting visually exhausted.

In conclusion

The problem starts when the players start chasing the losses. Halfway through the way, they have invested a great amount of money in the hope to win it all back. The interface of the website brings the actual casino experience home for the players. There is always hope for a big win and the dark pattern is a contributor in making the player feel so. Hence, when there is a limit set on gambling, it would sweeten the winning experience. Otherwise, the game would leave a bitter after-taste and a damaged bank account.

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